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Ouija Board

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How to Make a Ouija Board

A workable Ouija Board can be made from any smooth flat surface upon which numbers, letters and a Yes and No have been added. Often an upturned glass is used as the planchette for sliding from letter to letter to spell out the contents of your communication.

Something as simple as a piece of paper can be used or as complex as a well sanded and polished board. I have seen an excellent design which used clear plexi glass with the letters and numbers written in reverse on the opposite side to preven the slightest interuption in the movement of the Ouija Boards planchette. This can also be done with a sheet of clear glass or a large picture frame. Simply design your Ouija Board layout on a piece of paper (or your favorite graphic arts program and print) and place behind the glass of the picture frame as if it was a picture.

You are truly limited only by your imagination.

Somethings to keep in mind is to keep the surface smooth allowing your planchette to move easily. Size is also important as you dont want all of your letters and numbers cramped together as you may get confused as which letter the planchette is trying to show you. Keep the board at least 12" to 15" inches high and at least 20" to 24" wide.

If you are using wood have them precut it for you when it is purchased then sand and stain it with your choice of colors and coat it with shellac, polyurethane or laquer. Routine application of furniture wax will keep it clean and slick.

Planchettes can be upturned glasses, coins or anything to which you attatch felt to the bottom of to allow it move easily. Preferably the planchette should be something light and comfortable. If you want to go the magical route the planchettes design should be triangular in shape with a circular crystal in the middle to aid in the connection to the other realm.

How to Make a Ouija Board
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Our goal is not to determine what is happening with the Ouija Board, i.e. spiritual, or psychosematic. Our goal is to find out if the information gleaned from its use has any "Real World" practical value. Or is it after all "Just A Game"?

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